Intranets, Extranets and Portals

Organizations of all sizes face a number of common challenges in unifying access to corporate content:

  • Are you missing out on key sales opportunities because you are unable to quickly and reliably disseminate business-critical information to your geographically-dispersed remote employees?
  • Have recent acquisitions or organic growth within your organization made it increasingly difficult to ensure that users have persistent access to all of your corporate information?
  • Has the forecasted return on investment on your existing portals, intranets or websites been compromised because you’ve placed a high administrative burden on skilled IT resources to manage the content, and that has created a bottleneck?
  • Is your customer facing staff unable to resolve issues without costly call-backs, because they do not have immediate access to all of the information they need to satisfy customer concerns and requirements?

What's Needed?
To make better decisions and become more productive, an enterprise's employees, customers, and partners need intranet, extranet, and portal business solutions that allow them to access the appropriate information they need when they need it. Companies run best according to their specific business goals – not struggling within IT technical and resource limitations.  You need tools for rapid adoption of self-service and collaborative business processes that allow your organization to become more efficient.

D2C’s Collaboration Tools
Our collaboration tools provide a secure, web based infrastructure that can help you build corporate intranets, project extranets, customer facing websites and portals that provide:

  • An information store for all of the documents, files and digital assets that need to be shared for controlled access around the company, with the partners or customers
  • A flexible database, so that you can store your documents with the same folder structure of your old intranet, or by using meta data and descriptions and a powerful search capability, so that you only store one copy of the document in one place, but it is easy to find in a variety of ways by any user
    Workflow functionality to track tasks, decisions, events, documents and files that need to be issued and tracked to the right parties
  • Blog posts, discussions, bulletin boards and email stores, so that you can trap and record the history of your interactions between employees, partners and customers
  • A notification system that each user sets up, so they know automatically when something, say a price list, has changed, or when a document has been read – much more efficient than having to go and check each time
  • Project and programme collaboration, with an extranet and document store that manages all of the documents, quotations, contracts, drawings and other file types that need to be shared, so that everyone can be sure that they are accessing the latest, correct version, track who made which changes with a full audit trail, allow people to view the file even if they don’t have the particular product (e.g. MS Project, Autocad, Excel) on their PC, or “red line” and “markup” the document without changing the original. 

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