Marketing Resource Management

Marketing departments are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs, speed up project delivery, improve brand control, coordinate marketing activities across dispersed teams, and demonstrate results.
Creating Order Out of Chaos
The following paragraph comes from an Accenture report “The Case for Marketing Resource Management” by by Naveen Jain and Marianne Seiler:

“The benefits of streamlining the marketing effort can be felt almost immediately.  In many industries – for example, consumer goods companies, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and financial and credit card organizations – we find that more than 80 percent of marketers’ time is spent managing the various activities associated with executing a marketing program or campaign.  Most of these people are firefighters, working to control the conflagrations that flare up continually in marketing activities.  This leaves them little time for doing the critically strategic work, such as brand architecting, portfolio management, and new product development.”

D2C can help organizations in reducing marketing costs and increasing efficiency through an integrated approach to managing the entire marketing process – from digital asset management and collateral production to campaign management and agency collaboration.

What's Needed?
Traditionally, marketing organizations have struggled to coordinate distributed teams including field marketers, design agencies, and production vendors.  Marketers have often been slow to embrace IT systems, and have relied heavily on e-mail, spreadsheets, and ad-hoc documents to coordinate activities and campaigns.  That usually means endless meetings, the firefighting mentioned above and late nights. 

This lack of integration and of a standardized enterprise content management platform means that management have typically been unable to grasp the return on investment (ROI) of the marketing activity, and brand consistency may even have been compromised.  Clearly, marketers need a powerful solution that integrates planning, pre-studio, and post-studio production capabilities.

D2C’s Marketing Resource Management Tools
Our collaboration tools provide a secure, web based infrastructure that can help you work with your customers, designers, service providers and print suppliers to provide:

  • A simple, collaborative, online system that manages everything relating to your marketing projects in one place
  • A system that manages jobs, activities, events, deadlines
  • An information store for all of the documents, files and digital assets that need to be shared, and that caters for complex graphics and multi-media files with digital rights management implications
  • Workflow functionality to track tasks, decisions, events, quotations, and the issuing and tracking of documents to the right parties
  • Discussions, bulletin boards and email stores, so that you can trap and record the history of your interactions with the designers, printers, and customers
  • A way to manage costs, budgets, and quotations from a simple web catalogue to a full e-tendering process
  • A system to help the marketers manage their brand integrity
  • A document store that manages all of the documents, drawings and other file types that need to be shared, so that everyone can be sure that they are accessing the latest, correct version, track who made which changes with a full audit trail, allow people to view the file even if they don’t have the particular product (e.g. Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Corel) on their PC, or “red line” and “markup” the document without changing the original. 

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