Spreadsheets on Workflow™

Many companies use a combination of Excel spreadsheets and e-mail to address the ad-hoc processes that need to be done, but which aren't handled in the standard functionality delivered by their IT business systems.   As soon as the mail with the spreadsheet is sent to a work group of colleagues, they are out of control with multiple  copies, mistakes and nobody knowing who has the definitive version of the spreadsheet.  There has to be a better way of working, with everyone collaborating on one version of the same spreadsheet, just like a wiki document.

To address this problem, we work with Itensil who describe themselves as the  "World on Workflow" Company.  They grew out of a web consultancy that developed cutting edge solutions for dot-com startups and technology market leaders including Microsoft and Fujitsu.   They provide a practical, web 2.0 workflow solution that  bridges the gap between collaboration (i.e., the ad hoc world) and reusability (i.e., the highly structured world).

About Spreadsheets on Workflow™
The solution helps you get rid of spreadsheet problems without throwing out the spreadsheets, or having to learn some new, online spreadsheet that is like Excel, but isn't Excel.  This solution uses your existing Excel spreadsheets, but hosted inside Itensil's cloud base workflow solution.

With the old way of working, spreadsheets are reused in collaborative processes, and errors and non-productive time increase in proportion to team size and project scope.  Itensil’s Spreadsheets on Workflow SaaS solution eliminates the errors, delays and miscommunication that drive down team productivity and raise costs.  It works with your familiar, flexible Excel spreadsheets, giving you the all advantages of SaaS technology, so no pain of upfront costs, delays and risk normally associated with
adopting new technologies.

Spreadsheets on Workflow™ could be used for things like production planning, the annual business planning process, a one off situation where a group of people need to collaborate on some numbers in a spreadsheet.

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