The D2C approach - think Business, not Technology

“Technology can only serve as a bridge, never as a destination.”
   - Lord Puttnam

The opportunities created by the Internet are changing the way the IT industry works with business.  In today’s environment you need a different kind of consulting partner to help you focus on the business, and avoid the pitfalls, fashion trends and issues around the new technology. 

The Internet is changing the approach to implementing software
Traditionally, companies have chosen to invest in software solutions that required a significant capital investment in software licences and infrastructure.  These implementations were, typically, IT led major projects, with long timescales.  With “Software as a Service” (click here to find out more) companies have an alternative.  Now they can plug in and subscribe to services built on world-class infrastructure via the Internet.  Consequently, there is a shift from the traditional IT led major software project and associated capital spend, to smaller, more manageable “pay as you go” projects with the emphasis on a business oriented approach and reduced risk.

This means that businesses can move away from the need to take the risk on making a major system wide change, and focus on a key area of the business that can benefit from new technology.  The new approach means that a pilot system can be cost justified much more easily, be up and running in days or even hours, and then be evaluated by a smaller, more manageable group of people.  When it is successful, the system can be expanded to a larger community and the “pay as you go” approach means that the significant costs of the system are incurred only when the solution is successful, and even then at a lower level.

However, the power and accessibility of the Internet means that there is a much larger, sometimes daunting choice of solutions and providers. 

You need a different kind of consulting partner
In this environment, you need a different kind of consultant, who understands this shift in approach and technology.  You need someone who:

  • Can analyse, understand and interpret what processes the business needs
  • Has broad and proven experience of implementing solutions that work
  • Will have the knowledge to guide you through the huge range of services and products that are available
  • Understands the technology, so you don’t have to
  • Knows how to implement systems with a smaller group of people and challenging timescales
  • Works for a company that can match their commercial approach and daily rates to this type of project, with access to the appropriate partners and skills as and when required.

Think Business, not Technology
That’s why you need to work with D2C.  We don’t think or work like the major consultancies.  We know how to handle small projects successfully.  We understand business, because our consultants all have more than 20 years experience in implementing commercial systems.  We have “best of breed” partners, and a network of experts, technicians and developers we can call on.  We understand the new Internet based technologies, web 2.0  tools and social media.  We are experts in Software as a Service or cloud based solutions. 

Above all our approach is “let us worry about the technology - how do you want your business to work online?” 

D2C - think Business, not Technology

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