Serenata Flowers

Serenata Flowers, the online retailer of flowers, chocolates and wine, has worked with D2C to implement Twinfield’s online accounting system to increase visibility of financial performance and impose far greater control over spend and cash flow.  Using Twinfield, Serenata Flowers is able to produce and compile reports quickly and easily at less cost, whilst also providing financial staff with secure remote access to the cloud based accounting system anytime, anywhere.

The D2C relationship
Before switching to Twinfield, Serenata Flowers was using an accounting system from Access which ran on a dedicated Server at head office.  Serenata's team worked with D2C to migrate their data and implement the new system, and the Twinfield technical experts advised on integrating the accounting web service with Serenata's web shop.  Peter Ahl, Managing Director of Serenata Flowers, explains:

“Whilst our previous system worked sufficiently within the office environment, it could not support us remotely. This was a major factor, as we have a number of people working in different locations nationwide, with many of our bookkeepers working from home rather than the office.”

Ahl continues:

“In order to overcome this problem, we began to evaluate the online accounting solutions available. We chose Twinfield because of its ease of use, broad functionality and low cost of ownership. We could immediately see how Twinfield could benefit our business and make it easier for our accounts department to provide the business with a real-time picture of financial performance. In turn, this means that we now have a much tighter control of cash-flow management, forecasting and budgeting.”  

Working with Twinfield and D2C
Twinfield has also significantly reduced the amount of time that it takes to compile management reports. Ahl says, “In the past, staff would have to come into the office to input accounting information, but now all the data can be entered from any location at anytime. This was particularly useful during the recent cold snap that hit the UK, as it meant our business operations remained unaffected. Staff were simply able to work from home and continue their day-to-day tasks as if they were office-based, which was a major benefit to the business.”

Ahl concludes:

“We have a great working relationship with D2C and Twinfield. The system is so simple to use that we have hardly had to contact the support team, but on the rare occasions that we have needed some assistance or have a query about the system we have found D2C to be very responsive and really helpful.”