Fitzrovia IT

Fitzrovia I.T. are a central London based company providing professional I.T. solutions and support for both the commercial and public sector.  They offer Microsoft certified technical support, business continuity solutions with NeverFail and IT optimization solutions with VMWare.  They have provided personalised business I.T. services since the 1990's, and their directors and staff pride themselves in being approachable, accessible and available.

Website design and web strategy:
Fitzrovia had been taking a DIY approach with their original website.  It was hand coded in HTML.  It did the job, but the design was nothing special, and resources need toe be diverted from paying customers if any changes were required.  D2C helped match their web strategy with their business objectives, and put together a design which encapsulated the key ingredients they were looking for - a site which was professional, modern, crisp, and clear, with a London flavour, and which captured the effective, efficient and friendly teamwork that they know is so important to their customers.

Daren Oliver, Fitzrovia I.T.'s Managing Director, says "the client portal gives us exactly what we were looking for.  We worked with D2C on the look and feel and  the final design absolutely nailed what we wanted!"

Fitzrovia using PageTypes:
Fitzrovia's site uses the PageTypes CMS.  The platform gives them a functionally rich site, that is clear and simple to navigate around, whilst being very easy to maintain and add content to.  It includes a client portal, which allows each of Fitrrovia's customers to log in to a private area for messages, upload and download of documents and files in a shared area, events and reminders for things like support contracts.  

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