Ongoing support is vital – whether that is for one of our SaaS or cloud based solutions or in connection with business strategy consulting and staff training.

All of our SaaS solutions include  defect correction, upgrades of the software that just happen automatically with no effort required as and when they are available, and a level of helpdesk support included within the subscription fee.   These can be enhanced with the addition  of extra support for particular areas of expertise, such as community management, content creation, or more general IT support.

In providing support, we take our own medicine and use the collaboration tools and technology that we sell.  We have:

  • A dedicated support telephone number which  is manned during normal office hours - +44 (0)870 042 9198
  • Online chat support via the chat button on this website at the top of the right hand column - the team is online during office hours when the button is active/red, and  at various other times out of hours.  When we are offline the button is grey and the system reverts to an email form for you to send a question - we will answer as soon as we are available.
  • E-mail support where you send questions directly to and  we answer as soon as we are available.
  • A customer and partner extranet through this website.  Customers can log in to a private area where we can exchanges messages, information, events, reminders and upload and download files and documents for sharing.

In addition:

  • Some of the SaaS solutions that we provide give you direct access to their own forums and support systems where you can submit questions directly.
  • We regularly use GoToMeeting for online training, advice, to help with problem diagnosis or to show you new functions in our solutions.
  • We use skype for chat, voice and video calls.

As a customer, you also get direct access to D2C's management, so that you can contact us by mobile phone if something is urgent.  We practice what we preach, and we aim to be "Dedicated 2 Customers".

Contact us to find out more.