Tribiq CMS

Tribiq Community CMS is an Open Source Multilingual Content Management System. You can download Tribiq Community CMS for free, or contact us to help with your website design and web strategy.

Below is a list of the Key Features in Tribiq CMS. Enterprise Modules are available for users of Tribiq Pro CMS.

Multilingual Content
Deliver equivalent content items in different languages on one website, with support for User langauge detection and Visitor Phrase system.

Template Architecture
Template Architecture allows for instant and complete control over the design and layout of your CMS-powered website without having to restructure your current website design.

Multiple Content Types
Tribiq CMS appropriatly delivers information and content based on Content Types, simplifying admin tasks whilst improving the visitor experience.

Web-based real-time editing allows for entire workforces to contribute with minimal training, with support for images, movies and flash content.

Intuitive Interfaces
Tribiq CMS interfaces are built to be clever but quick, harnessing the power of AJAX. You can drag and drop Shortcuts and Menu Items.

Publishing & Version Control
Draft new content before publishing; retain the previous versions and re-publish if needed.

Secure Extranets
Create a secure, password-protected site, easily across users or groups. Provide your Clients and other stakeholders with personalized information.

Navigation and Adverts
Structure your website and grow it with organic and automatically generated Menu Trees, Shortcuts and Adverts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Tribiq CMS is built for universally accessible websites and supports SEO-friendly features such as textual URLs and Advanced Metadata management,

Advanced Search Engine
High-speed fulltext Search Engine for your HTML, Documents (search through your PDFs), and other content.

Built-in Forums
Tribiq CMS can also power bulletin and message boards on your website, bringing your stakeholders together and increasing your community power.

Document Vault
Tribiq CMS supports the management and import of documents across your infrastructure.

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