Itensil describe themselves as the  "World on Workflow" Company.  They grew out of a web consultancy that developed cutting edge solutions for dot-com startups and technology market leaders including Microsoft and Fujitsu.   They provide a practical, web 2.0 workflow solution that  bridges the gap between collaboration (i.e., the ad hoc world) and reusability (i.e., the highly structured world).

Itensil has been selected by Gartner as a “cool vendor – high performance workplace 2009”.  Forrester says “The concept is novel and creative; consider Itensil if you want to experiment with ways to converge ad hoc work with structured processes, or if you are looking for a tool that combines right brained and left brained work styles”.

  • Subscription-based, reusable workflow from any web browser
  • Team collaboration on demand with existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Keep all your teams on the same page with current knowledge, tools and methods

When spreadsheets are reused in collaborative processes, errors and non-productive time increase in proportion to team size and project scope. Itensil's Spreadsheets on Workflow SaaS eliminates the errors, delays and miscommunication that drive down team productivity and raise costs. And it works with your familiar, flexible Excel spreadsheets, giving you the immediacy and cost-effectiveness of SaaS technology without the pain of upfront costs, delays and risk normally associated with adopting new technologies.

Spreadsheets on Workflow™ Features:

  • Sequencing. Deliver spreadsheets and the supporting materials to perform each task - in sequence, to the assigned team member, on any web browser
  • Efficiency. Display task materials in project context in actionable format. Optionally display selected spreadsheet cells in forms to simplify working with large or complex spreadsheets.
  • Visibility. View real time schedules, assignments, work in progress and status information eliminate team meetings and email queries.
  • Error detection / correction. Templated spreadsheets limit error propagation. Approval verification steps in workflow detect errors immediately.
  • Error prevention. Data entry from forms protects formulas, controls access and secures confidential information.
  • Exception handling. Communicate changes to process, scope, instructions, schedules and team assignments as they occur. Keep everyone on the same page with current tools and documents.
  • Dynamic sequencing. Workflow path selection based on spreadsheet cell values, eliminates routing errors and delays, ensures policy compliance.
  • Process definition. Build executable workflows instantly from text outlines, or adapt one of our pre-built process frameworks.
  • Flexibility. Give teams the freedom to make their own choices regarding processes while sharing common, quality-tested spreadsheets.
  • Seamless innovation. Gain immediate productivity with existing processes. Continuously innovate, improve and extend in the same SaaS environment.

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