Services Hub

Experience streamlined production processes and global collaborative working in multiple languages, currencies and time zones.

Services Hub is a constantly evolving agile technology platform that empowers Print Service providers to achieve success every time. Streamline your workflow and increase visibility and efficiency across the whole supply chain; allowing you (and your clients and suppliers) to work better and reduce wastage. Services Hub’s user-friendly functionality will also help you to drive new business and build longer lasting client relationships.

Working together has never been so easy.

Easy Access
Keep all project information easily accessible to global users with Electronic Job Bags.

Bigger Picture
Get at-a-glance information about all your projects, deadlines and actions, keeping you fully informed.

In the loop
Track progress and communicate action points with automated email alerts to keep you on top of project activity.

Right first time
Increase accuracy and effective procurement with electronic briefing tools.

Learn to share
Give authorized colleagues, clients and suppliers instant access to up-to-date project files.

Who’s who?
Store all your contacts in a personal address book and share contacts with colleagues.

Tailor made
Configure Services Hub to meet your needs, control access and monitor usage.

On the money
Track project budgets and costs in real time and create management and client financial reports.

Helping Hand
Make sure you get the most from Mtivity, with easy to follow tutorials and an online Help system.

Print Cycle
Put yourself ahead of the competition with a simple software solution that will change the way you work, in minutes.

Print Cycle is easy to setup and easy to use; a ‘software as a service’ solution that automates, and streamlines your day-to-day operations. Flexible enough to handle all your workflow issues, delivering sustainable cost reduction, improved efficiencies and better client servicing power, it will adapt with you as you invest in new technologies leaving you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Simplify your working life.

Be Consistent
Consolidate your operational data, encourage business-wide consistency, and create transparent management reports.

Keep Track
Manage, group and rate your suppliers; request ad-hoc pricing and add pre-agreed rate cards.

Friendly Face
Simplify client ordering, driving increased revenue and stronger client relationships.

Be Different
Customize print orders from business stationery to direct mail marketing print.

Take Stock
Manage stock levels for large print orders that are to be called off in batches.

Know it All
Track all jobs; orders and distribution, following each project from start to finish.

On the Money
Get a real time view of all your print costs, and know exactly how much each print piece costs at the touch of a button.

Fit Together
Link to existing systems, from your financial applications to your clients’ procurement systems.

Help Yourself
Get help with online tutorials, troubleshooting and classroom style web training.

Campaign Center
Enjoy seamless creation and distribution of global campaigns, reaching your local partners and consumers in their languages, currencies and time zones.

Campaign Centre empowers marketing departments and their agencies to manage campaigns from conception through to delivery, with the flexibility to allow regional and promotional artwork personalization while maintaining brand integrity. Using an interactive, multimedia platform Campaign Centre helps keep your marketing output (and studio resources) on message, on budget and on time.

Get your message heard

Under control
Improve brand control, and asset accessibility with a web based central library.

Be Personal
Facilitate localization of campaigns, without losing central control.

Spread the word
Communicate the right campaign message at the right time, delivering global synchronization.

Increase turnaround with instant online proofs and an automated approvals workflow.

Be brief
Cut costs and reduce wastage with online briefing tools, centralized ordering and print on demand.

Free your minds
Promote creativity and innovation by reducing time spent on administration.

Know it all
Track all jobs; orders and distribution, following each project from start to finish.

On the money
Get a real time view of all your project and collateral costs at the touch of a button.

Helping hand
Get the most from Mtivity, with easy to follow tutorials and online Help system.

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