Twinfield is an international web service for online or cloud based accounting. Used by over 80,000 companies, more than 700 accounting practices, and with 40,000 users in 23 countries, Twinfield is the foremost SaaS accounting solution in Europe.  Twinfield helps accountants collaborate with their clients.  Twinfield online accounting is available by subscription, with monthly rates, per user per month. 

Twinfield provides SaaS or cloud based real-time accounting, project, hours and expenses recording, reporting, budgeting, credit management, and invoicing. Users can log into the Twinfield system from anywhere at any time via a secure Internet connection. Twinfield’s services have been entirely designed and developed from the ground up for use over the Internet and are only available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You pay a fixed subscription per user per month, based on the type of rights each user has on the system. Twinfield’s web service has been certified for accounting purposes by KPMG.
Think what this could mean for your organisation! Availability of up-to-date decision-making information anywhere and at any time. Work together from an unlimited number of different locations. Improve your financial results by having total control over the process, from timesheet to invoice, from payment of this invoice to entering the automatic bank statement, including updating reports and budgets. And, of course, the fact that you do not need to invest in hardware or software.
This powerful use of today’s internet technology means that Twinfield can deliver economies of scale for its customers. After all, with this concept, users have the same shared software installation but completely separate data storage. Twinfield also ensures that users are always working with the latest version. And of course Twinfield provides plenty of bandwidth, security, backups, maintenance etc.
That is why many thousands of users trust Twinfield’s real-time information system every day. Twinfield is used by accountants’ and administration offices, their clients, medium-sized enterprises and large, project based organisations.
Twinfield is particularly suitable for (international) organisations working in multiple languages and currencies. With Twinfield it is simple to access comparative figures online, which are also displayed in your own language. All information is then converted into one basic currency. Every authorised user has direct access to all the administrations assigned to him/her from home, while travelling or from a foreign office.
Do you know the feeling when your administration is keeping you awake at night? When you are running into recurring problems that you can’t solve? Twinfield offers you an online administration solution that will take both operational and administrative problems out of your hands:

  • real-time administrative information from any location.
  • availability 24/7 over a secure Internet connection (128-bit encrypted)
  • no software required on the PC, just a web browser on a Mac or a PC.
  • proven application and references in many segments.
  • created by financial experts.
  • always log into the most recent version.
  • integrated system for accounting, hours/expenses, invoicing and reporting
  • growth options suitable for simple use and for larger organisations.
  • intuitive e-learning, no long courses required.
  • high-end security concept pay-as-you-go.
  • pioneering web architected 1:n technology in pure HTML and XML.
  • accounting certified by KPMG.

To find out more, please take a look at the Twinfield customer case studies like Goodman Jones on this site or contact us for more information.