Content Management Systems

Your web site is often the first place customers learn about your business because they've gone to your URL or found you in a Google search.  Your employees use your intranet to find corporate information.  Partners use your extranet to gain knowledge and understand your offerings.  Managing a consistent flow of information to all of these online channels is vital.

For most companies the management of the website started as an IT function, and has stayed there, or maybe has moved to the marketing department.  All too often, though, the content is actually managed by an IT or web design technician who needs to understand HTML coding, or particular products like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or ColdFusion - that's not easy. 

What's Needed?
To capitalise on the business opportunities presented by the Web, companies require Content Management Systems (CMS) that manage and deliver their Web presence with speed, accuracy and ease.

A good CMS will provide:

  • More efficient content creation and updating
  • Consistent corporate branding
  • Streamlined, centralised site management
  • Increased content value, which drives higher visitor numbers to the site, improves 'stickiness' (that’s the web expert’s term for making people “stick” around on your site) and raises customer conversion rates
  • Easy (non technical) access to the key HTML tags that drive search engine optimisation for each website page - title, description, keywords and H1 headers
  • The easy addition of new site features or new campaigns, which enhances competitiveness - in the current business climate you need to be able to react fast.

D2C’s Web Content Management Tools
Our collaboration and CMS tools provide a secure, web based infrastructure that provides:

  • The ability to scale from simple web sites to large enterprise-scale sites which have thousands of pages
  • Not only management of web page content, but also of documents, photos, guest books, polls, news, hyperlinks, events, contact pages, and many other kinds of electronic content
    A powerful, built in search system, so that your website visitors can search by keyword, descriptions, meta data, and into the content itself
  • An inbuilt extranet, with an automated system so users can request a login and password, and then get access to private pages, messages, news, events, reminders, and any sort of files  and documents for upload or download between you and them
  • A powerful menu manager, so that it is easy to add pages anywhere in the menu tree structure
    Easy content creation with a simple WYSIWYG editor that manages your text, graphics, photos, videos, links to other sites or other pages within the site
  • An e-commerce function so that you can easily set up a web shop and payment gateway for your products and services
  • Ease of use, with a powerful publishing engine, so that you can search and navigate around your site until you find a page you want to edit
  • Full version control, so that you can track the history of your site, or go back to an earlier version of a particular page if somebody made a mistake
  • The ability to organise and search your content so pages are easy to find and maintain
  • Help with your page titles, descriptions, keywords and H1 tags for search engine optimisation so that your site can be found more easily by Google and the other search engines.

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