Cloud based Accounting

Twinfield’s Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud based accounting products give you direct access to your accounting and administration system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can update and view your accounts from any computer with an Internet connection, in your office, at home, at one of your clients’, or suppliers’ or partners’ premises, or abroad.

Imagine the following situations:

The managing director calls you with a question.  He wants a current report on the company’s cash position.  Twinfield enables you to generate reports without the intervention of an accountant and with data that is completely up-to-date.  Of course you can see it on the screen, or the report can be printed, but you can also e-mail it directly to the people who need it.

The Sales department calls you to ask whether a particular customer has paid all of their invoices.  With Twinfield, you can login from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection and you can check the status of all payments directly.

You are an accountant.  You are losing many hours every month in travelling time to your clients.  With Twinfield you can serve all your clients from your own office or even when you are on holiday.  You can login into your clients’ accounting system and check the entries via the Internet.  If you had 100 clients using an on premise product like Sage 50, in theory you could get copies of each company's data, combine it and produce a report showing the top 5 customers customers with a bad debt problem so you could go and give them advice, but in practice it would be too complicated and time consuming to do.  With Twinfield, you have an analysis tool where you can do exactly that style of reporting, safely and securely, across all of your customers' data at any time.   You can use the time you save and the analysis tools we provide to serve more clients, and you can also spend more time on being a business advisor at, potentially, better fee rates rather than being just the “bean counter”.  

Twinfield brings your accounts and administration to you!

Take a look at the way technology, the Internet, social media, and globalisation are changing the world of online accounting:

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