Social Media Strategy for Business

"if you’re not on a social networking site, you’re not on the Internet"
  - 2008 Interactive Advertising Status Report

"Markets are conversations."
   - The Cluetrain Manifesto

It's been happening steadily over the life of the Internet, which is still less than 20 years old, but particularly over the last 5 years.  The worlds of traditional marketing, broadcast advertising, and mainstream media have changed irrevocably.  It started slowly, but then the rate of change has been steadily growing year on year.  In Seth Godin's book, Meatball Sundae, he says:

Seth Godin - Meatball Sundae"The New Marketing isn't a single event or Web site or technology.  It's based on a combination of more than a dozen trends, each of which is changing the way ideas are perceived and spread".

Social Media is at the heart of many of the trends we're talking about.  The Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost and time.  Blogs, wikis, and forums allow direct communication between producers and consumers.  People can connect and network more easily on social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.  Websites like Amazon have amplified the voice of the end user and word of mouth recommendations in ways that just weren't practical before the Internet became more interactive with these current, so called web 2.0 tools.  We live in a world of user generated content, where the boundaries between the professional and the consumer are blurred.  Anyone can publish their ideas on a blog in a few seconds, or put a video review of the latest gadget up on YouTube.   As well as making calls, my mobile phone does email, text messages, takes photographs or can film the event I'm attending, and then with a few clicks I can access the Internet and publish.  That explosion of content means that we are bombarded by more clutter and information than ever before, so our attention spans are getting shorter.  At the same time, the technology has changed the economics of product and message delivery, so that I can access Chris Anderson's Long Tail of the market much more readily.  With Google, if I want to answer a question I can get to the information in a few seconds, where once I needed to do hours, days, weeks or even months of research. 

Seth Godin - TribesEvery organization needs to understand thee changes and consider social media as part of their business strategy, but it's not just a matter of getting the CEO or managing partner to start writing a blog (although that will probably be one of our recommendations!).  That's where D2C comes in.  We're practical business people and we've been using social media tools to do what we do for over 5 years.  One of the first thing we'll do is demystify the topic, help you through the jargon barrier, and probably get you involved in using social media tools yourself as part of your learning curve.  We'll help you make sense the latest trends, like Twitter and microblogging.  If you haven't got to grips with the new media topic, we'll recommend you read books like Seth's Meatball Sundae, or his latest - Tribes.  A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader or an idea.  Your customers form a tribe, and you need to understand how you can connect with them more effectively, and what you need to do to help make them become more passionate about your organization, company or product. 

We can work with you to help build your social media strategy, but we'll start by understanding your business goals first.  Once we understand that, we can help put together a plan, with the right tools and technology to achieve those goals, but the D2C way is always "think Business, not Technology".

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