Training plays a vital role in any implementation. Your organization will realize the greatest benefit when your employees have a deep understanding of the software solution, enabling them to make their lives easier and more productive.  At D2C, we can help your employees gain this understanding through our Education programs.

Our consultants draw from a wide range of academic and business experiences.  They are experts in their field and the application of the D2C accounting, content and collaboration software, and and tie structured learning experiences directly into your real-world business processes.  Our goal is for you to come away from every learning experience with a basic foundation of knowledge and the enthusiasm to further develop your understanding.

D2C offers a full range of on-site, off-site, web based and self-paced courses on:

Social Media Strategy
Web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 adoption
Web 2.0 tools for business
Search engine optimisation
Website design
Improving your elevator pitch
Adopting the cloud

We can tailor our courses to your specific requirements, and provide generic training on supply chain, manufacturing or requirements planning principles if appropriate.  Contact us to find out more.