Our D2C consultants each have over 20 years experience of implementing business solutions in a wide range of business sectors and types of enterprise.  We can provide:

 Policy and Strategy Studies
 Social Media Strategy
 Business process re-engineering (BPR)
 Data and records management review
 Document and records management strategies
 IT infrastructure review
 Information management policies 
 Data, process and workflow modelling
 Feasibility studies
 Business case analysis
 Options review
 Analysis of suppliers, products and user experience
 Compliance checking 
 Process re-engineering
 Specification of functional requirements
 Specification of technical requirements
 Project implementation plans
 Supplier short lists and procurement 
 Evaluation of proposals 
 Education and training (product and generic) 
 Solution build 
 Systems acceptance testing
 Workflow analysis and redesign
 Post-implementation reviews 
 Custom Services
 Market, technical and desk research
 Product evaluations
 Application integration
 Database design
 Specification of document conversion requirements

Our expertise covers not only current IT technology but also in-depth understanding of the way that the technology is evolving.  We can advise on which new technologies are likely to have significant impact when they become more widely available.  Our expertise also includes feedback from users who have implemented changes both successfully and unsuccessfully. We, therefore, understand the reasons for failure as well as success, and can provide the advice and experience which will ensure a cost-effective transition from old to new business processes.  Contact us to find out more.