Project Methodology

Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing changes how we need to implement systems – timescales are much shorter and the emphasis is on the business needs rather than on the intricacies of the software application. The D2C methodology documents where the business is at the start, fully defines the target business need and delivers quickly with clear measurable milestones.

The to-be analysis draws upon best practice for the industry and the roll-out plan heavily emphasizes the culture change requirements if the target system is to succeed. Because roll-out is so quick, the implementation has to involve the whole business team and D2C helps you to manage this people-centered process.
In a traditional IT-led rather than business-led implementation the system improvement phase is paid scant attention – with software as a service it is a vital business task. During the system improvement phase we work together to further embed the cultural and process changes and streamline the new way of managing the business.

Many of our projects use the enterprise 2.0 web publishing and collaboration tools that we provide to build web communities.  On top of the regular change management to implement the platform being used there is a layer of the project that is all about the specific culture change required to get people to adopt social media tools and to encourage regular participation so that the community can thrive.  Find out more about our:

Community Building Methodology

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