The D2C consulting services are carried out by our management and senior consultants, each of whom have more than twenty years experience of enterprise requirement planning, manufacturing, maintenance repair and overhaul, finance and corporate performance measurement systems in companies of all sizes and in a variety of commercial and public sectors.   We are used to working with Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud based solutions, where the consulting approach needs to be very different to the traditional on premise approach.  With SaaS we tend to start very quickly with a small pilot and a very lean approach to the consulting required.  Once we've got the prototype working we can quickly and inexpensively roll it out to more users. 

However, whether we are rolling out a specific tactical or departmental solution, or an enterprise-wide implementation, the D2C team starts by understanding your business objectives.  We combine our experience, deep product knowledge, technical expertise and  process reengineering skills in to a proven Methodology and collaborative approach to achieve business process improvements.
We provide:

  • Consulting services - from strategic to operational to product specific
  • Development – from product add-ons, reports, or bespoke systems to integrating our solutions to legacy and corporate applications
  • Training – from product to generic, tailored to your specific requirements
  • Support - using a combination of telephone, instant message, e-mail, forums, our private extranet and tools like Skype and GoToMeeting.

Our consulting approach aims to provide:

  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Rapid return on your investment
  • Knowledge transfer

And we are flexible, so we can adapt to the way you want to be supported, and to style of contract that works best for you.  Use the left hand menu to take a look at our services in more detail, or contact us to discuss your requirements.