D2C shortlisted for Best Business Impact award

11/07/2013 13:50:58
We are delighted to report that the ICAEW Community has been shortlisted for best business impact at the EuroCloud UK Awards.  We started providing ICAEW's on line community using the WordFrame Community platform from ITBrix back in November 2007.  It was part of a shift in business model for the institute.  They could see the pressure on advertising revenues from their printed publications and wanted to move in to on line communities to provide high quality web content along with a collaboration space for their members.  The intent was also to provide added sponsorship opportunities.  We piloted 4 groups initially, but now the platform provides groups for each of their faculties, special interest groups, and regional groups, as well as the chairman's (Michael Izza) own blog.  

If you go to their main website and click the Community button you then move the cloud service provided by D2C and WordFrame.  Each group space provides blogs, a forum for questions, wikis and document sharing for collaboration,  RSS feeds to bring in relevant external content, all connected by their own member oriented social network which they manage themselves internally. 

One key message the ICAEW team understand is that the platform is important, but the approach to engaging your community is paramount.  At various points during the life of the community they have paid bloggers and writers to create high quality content to seed a group or engage readers.  They've ensured that community members get something in return for the effort they put in, and in addition they've needed to provide proactive community management to get the conversations going.  

John Pearce, ICAEW's Head of Core Resource Unit is responsible for the community.  Here is what he had to say:

"At the start we were piloting a new concept for us and we weren't sure how successful or quickly it would be adopted by the members.  The SaaS and cloud computing approach meant that we could do a rapid pilot, focus on the community objectives rather than technical or capacity issues, and then scale up as the members came on board.  After 6 months it was already exceeding expectations."  

"We've slowly developed and improved the design and functionality of the community site over time. Some of that has been the flexibility of the platform and some of that has been specific developments we asked for.   We're delighted with the support we've had from D2C and the responsiveness of the WordFrame development team."  

"The cultural shift internally has been slower than I would have liked, but over the last couple of years things have moved fast.  Even after five years we are still only at the beginning.  It's important to continue what we are doing as the community is only going to get bigger and more strategic.  We're very glad we started when we did." 

D Squared C Limited, which we shorten to D2C, specializes in social media strategy, enterprise content and collaboration solutions.  They are a consulting, software development and systems integration company providing cloud based products and services for building web communities, web publishing, online accounting, CRM, intranets and extranets.  We combine our experience of enterprise software and business process reengineering with practical knowledge of applying blogs, wikis, workflow, social networking, and other web 2.0 tools to add value for business.  Headquartered in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, in addition to Itensil, they partner with ITBrix for WordFrame and PageTypes, Twinfield , Mtivity, and OpenCRM.  The D2C approach to solutions is – “think Business, not Technology”.  

For further information, contact:
David Terrar
D2C Limited
phone: +44 (0)870 458 9198

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