Goodman Jones shortlisted for Accountancy Age awards

18/09/2006 00:00:00

Our good friends at Goodman Jones have been shortlisted for this year's Accountancy Age awards in the category "Best use of internet: Practice".  They are an ideal example of how accounting practices can embrace the new Internet technology that is available, from the basics of their website, to the way they are using Software as a Service tools to help the business and the services they provide to their clients.  I see the key reasons they've been shortlisted as that they have:

  • Commissioned and built a new website that really communicates what they do and how they help their clients, and which provides a better information source for their target communities
  • Used the website to provide an intranet for their clients as delivery mechanism for some of the reporting and services they provide
  • Moved in to providing a SaaS based online accounting solution for their clients, which is directly accessible from their website
  • Started a blog, written and managed by one of the partners, which is aimed at providing SME/SMB advice
  • Embraced using tools like GoToMeeting to have online meetings and training sessions with their clients
  • Adopted blog technology to provide a support system for their online clients, so they can interact with them, provide direct support, help, and advice.
  • I know of some practices that are doing some of these things, but very few who have moved in to all of these areas.  And in their mind, this is just Phase 1 of their plans - they have lots of other ideas for Phase 2 and beyond

D2C have been involved in advising them to take this direction - we designed and built the new website and intranet, involved Dennis Howlett to help with the "wordsmithing", got Philip in to blogging, and provided the SaaS accounting solution - Twinfield.  However, it is great to see a practice take on board the ideas and jump ahead like this.  We wish them luck for the award ceremony.

While we're advertising, I'd like to congratulate Martin Langedijk and his Twinfield team over in Ireland.  They've just won the Carlow County Enterprise Awards, which also gets them in to the national finals.

17/07/2017 18:34:20
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This year’s Accountancy Age Awards dinner will be a red letter day (well evening) for D2C, with two of our customers, Goodman Jones and ICAEW, up for three awards.
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